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3/27/09 08:04 pm - I Am.

Here and there and self-aware

at least enough to hear birds sing

and wonder what life's like with wings

though i have my own in many forms

three thousand pillows and keys and strings


Sitting in a diner joint

Pornographic techno in the back

With nacho fries, my favourite snack

A tempting stage across the room

But papers that like to keep me right off track.


Going to take up skateboarding

So I can get there quick and wear cool shoes

I don't even care if I get a bruise

I don't want to know what's going on in the news

I like my pink world and my skateboard, too.


Anchored in the pitch black lake

With the sky and you and some potion we made

Finding shooting stars before they fade

You jump in first and I'll let you win

This life for nothing I would trade.

3/26/09 11:15 pm - my thoughts on everything.

"hmmmm.... interesting!!! ..... and realllllllly fucked up."

3/11/09 01:59 am - man oh man oh man oh man oh man oh mannnnn

So, I am a bit déçue... but fuck it, bring on mr. beam and dirty disco, daaaa'ling.

And all I can hear is the pouring rain and I just want to get my bicycle and go for a ride. I'll go buy some rubber boots tomorrow, I think.

This is all nighter #3... including half-naps on top of my covers here and there. But at least the first night we got to see the toymaker come out of his secret layer around 3am and fly his remote control birds around campus. That made it all worthwhile.

I have much much much more to say, but for tonight, the wonderful parables of jesus call... Fuck I hate school.

3/1/09 10:39 pm - i have three questions for you.

1. what's your favourite monster?

2. what's your favourite moon?

3. what's your favourite bird?

2/25/09 11:39 pm - i just discovered the most delicious cereal concoction ever

the most delicious cereal concoction ever
1. fill a bowl half full of Vector cereal.
2. fill the rest of the bowl with two scoop raisin brain cereal.
3. add more raisins and mix it up a bit
4. cut one whole banana into slices on top
5. add milk
6. bask

2/24/09 10:27 pm - home

cruising out in the boat in the pitch black night and silently laying in the open water, watching the billions of stars for hours. or until you fall asleep.

having fabulous conversations while watching the stars that you know wouldn't have happened otherwise.

counting the shooting stars.

getting excited at every shooting star you see.

making wishes.

plaid flanel pants being stylish.

waking up in the morning to the rising sun pouring through your window, chickadees chickadee-ing, and sitting outside with a glass of orange juice staring at a lake covered in sparkling diamonds.

being able to jump in the lake whenever you get hot, and actually taking twenty minutes to find the courage to jump.

splashing, floating, playing in the water until your fingers get wrinkly.

mid-night disco parties.

renting movies at Ted's, also known as "Superman", and knowing that if you don't have enough change, it's okay. he'll just add it to your tab.

being randomly invited to parties in 6-million dollar cottages with strange boys you've never met. 

somehow automatically being best friends with people you've never met and hanging out with them every day for the rest of the summer.

coke machines in the middle of the forest.

sitting on the dock and staring at the lake for hours on end, lost in your thoughts, lost in your book, just lost in where you are. time doesn't seem to exist.

"sinking" the canoe and waving at passing boats as if everything looks perfectly normal.

pink drinks. red randies. box-of-wine. cider.

whitesnake. la bouche. rick astley.

making a vow to write every day and actually having the time and enough beautifully free thoughts to keep it.
"The burst of everlasting wind just wrapped me up; it hugged me. How beautiful it is to see, every leaf, every yellow snapdragon, blowing around ferociously but unable to fly. Maybe they feel like they are. I certainly did. Sitting insignificantly in the powerful wind made me feel like I was taking off in an airplane. But that I was the airplane, with goosebumps from the shivers and a racing heart from the sound, one that can be heard all the way down to your toes. We really are just part of nature, not removed, not smarter, just one. Everything is one, however distant and seemingly impossbile the way. Impossible is nothing." -July 13, 2008
even if it's just when you're bored at work.

daytrips to magnetawan via the river. especially when three people take the sea-doo and pull one person on the tube the whole way. it's tricky business.

buying another Downtown Magnetawan t-shirt because you don't have it in that shade of pink.

cutting your t-shirts 80's style and rocking them at The Schmeler House with all the locals.

the smell of the air.

the fall colours. i think that's what Infinity looks like.

thunderstorms that echo from one end of the lake to the other, and light up the entire sky.

when the hydro goes out for four days and all there is to do is play scrabble by candlelight.

sitting inside by the warm fire at christmastime, with christmas sweaters on, sipping hot chocolate with your sister, and noticing out the window a deer and her baby chillin on the frozen lake. hallmmark moment?

august long weekend, when every boat on the entire lake gathers into Rockie Reef Bay to watch the annual fireworks. "Woooooooooow!"

tubing while fearing for your life but being unable to stop laughing... or unable to stop screaming WHOOPIE BLOOOOOOOOOOPIE.

going for nature walks with just you and your camera.

canoeing to The Island for the day, and getting stuck there all night because of sudden gale force winds.
making picnics and bringing them to Shoe Island.

boating to Camp Klahanie with just enough change to carefully select a well-balanced and delicious paper bag of candy.

the water. the water. the water. everything about it.


inspired by the appreciation of this picture. :)

2/12/09 02:02 am - hey jude


2/11/09 08:12 pm - It's raining today. It's really lovely.

My roommate put all my clothes in the dryer today. I think he thought he was doing me a favour. Well, it was a nice thing to do. I just think it's funny how different males and females are. I mean, no girl would ever do that - it's common knowledge that most clothes get hang-dried in fear of shrinking or shredding... I think females have a 3-track mind, while males have only a 1-track. I can't decide which one I would prefer...

I think it's really sad how when you walk around a populated place, like the mall or a university campus, about 95% of young people are either lost in the world of their iPod, or on their cell phone. I'm no exception; I totally freak out when my iPod dies. But it's like there's this invisble wall between people and the rest of the world - a man-made wall. A society-made wall. I sort of admire the ways of the olden days, when people weren't living in cyberspace. I feel as though then, the wind felt more alive. What element of our society has caused people to become so distant from each other - from everything else? Either we raise our surroundings onto a pedestal and are too intimidated to say hello, or we think we're the shit and far too awesome for the world. "Everyone just needs to chill out and jam together in the streets", as my favourite rosy-eyed person would say. Be excited, not nervous. Yell, don't whisper. And actually hang out with the person you're hanging out with, not talk on msn together whilst holding hands. Laaaaaaaaame.

I bought a harmonica today hahaha. I'm going to learn how to play it in Cuba.

Maybe that's why I never have time to read books - I do things like learn to play the harmonica... And make video applications for "the great barrier reef"... 

2/10/09 02:57 am - first things first


One day, I will swim in the waters of Fiji,
And go to a Thai full moon party,
And sail to the beaches of Normandie,
And you'll show up to share it all with me.

But for now, Pretty Please let me be here in May.

2/6/09 08:58 pm - my new (old) favourite song

A lovestruck Romeo, sings the streets a serenade
Laying everybody low with a love song that he made
Finds a streetlight, steps out of the shade
Says something like, "You and me, babe, how about it?"

Juliet says, "Hey, it's Romeo, you nearly gave me a heart attack"
He's underneath the window, she's singing 
"Hey, la, my boyfriend's back
You shouldn't come around here, singing up people like that
Anyway, what you gonna do about it?"

Juliet, the dice was loaded from the start
And I bet, and you exploded in my heart
And I forget, I forget.. the movie song
When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet? 

Come up on different streets, they both were streets of shame
Both dirty, both mean, yes and the dream was just the same
And I dream your dream for you and now your dream is real
How can you look at me, as if I was just another one of your deals?

Well, you can fall for chains of silver, you can fall for chains of gold
You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they hold
You promised me everything, you promised me thick and thin, yeah
Now you just say, "Oh, Romeo, yeah, you know
I used to have a scene with him

Juliet, when we made love, you used to cry
I said, "I love you like the stars above, I love you till I die"
And there's a place for us, you know the movie song
When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet?

I can't do the talk, like the talk on the TV
And I can't do a love song, like the way it's meant to be
I can't do everything, but I'd do anything for you
I can't do anything except be in love with you

And all I do is miss you and the way we used to be
All I do is keep the beat, and the bad company
And all I do is kiss you, through the bars of a Rhyme
Juliet, I'd do the stars with you any time

Juliet, when we made love, you used to cry
I said, "I love you like the stars above, I'll love you till I die"
There's a place for us, you know the movie song
When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet? 

A lovestruck Romeo, he sings the streets of serenade
Laying everybody low with a love song that he made
Find a convenient streetlight, steps out of the shade
He says something like, "You and me, babe, how about it?"

2/3/09 02:06 am - the end of chapter 2

i think i've forgotten how to write anything non-academia. except it's not something you can forget, because it's  not something that comes from your brain. i guess my fingertips forgot. maybe because i don't have my piano to exercise them... or maybe because i'm a lazy arse. ironically, i'm not even. i get'r done. my days are the happiest when i barely have time to catch my breath - those days make me feel alive. yet somehow, there's still not enough hours in the day even to do laundry and i still have no clean socks... shit. what is it that used to inspire me? i was a sprinter - won the 100m dash every year. and i was a soloist - nervous as shit but still front row centre.

i want to dust off my flute and my golden capo. possibly buy a ticket to the great barrier reef.

it's scientifically proven that you can survive on 15 minute naps every 3 hours forever. but only if you're on cocaine. and if you miss a nap, or sleep for 20 minutes, your whole life is thrown into whack. i guess i'll just have to plan out my time better then.

7:30 Wake Up
8:00 Actually wake up
8:30 Wash socks
9:25 Large double-double coffee please
9:30 First Nations class
10:30 Biogeography class
12:30 Liberry / Lunch
2:30 New Testament class (yaawn)
4:30 Go buy lightbulbs and spandex
7:30 Make delicious ribs for dinner
8:00 Play guitar
9:30 Go to gym
11:00 Radio show
12:30 Homework? Sleep?

And where's the time found to write a book, sing, take photographs, or find strawberry fields? It's all about taking advantage of the pockets. The pockets of time. When you're waiting for the bus. When you're wasting time trying to decide where to go next.

I'm really proud of you for getting up on stage that one time, and then still running your morning 10k.

And I'm going to catch up now. Each day a little faster until everything is a blur. I Promise.

Maybe   I think    If    Why    But    Later    Ummmmmmmm     i miss     facebook

I'll race ya? Hopefully it'll be a tie.

1/14/09 12:40 am

 i'm just way too excited about being the caretaker of the great barrier reef right now to practice scales.

1/14/09 12:28 am - Love.


"What is courage? And discourage?

It seems like without society, I could go a lot further. New things I haven't tried yet bring such a sense of excitement into me. Things I haven't found my limitations with yet, that others haven't judged me for yet. My high hopes of new found achievement grants me incredible determination, dedication, and extended duration in performing the new activity. Peak. People begin to judge us, and our initial zeal fades. Our potential for learning and experienceing does the same. Discouraged. Bummer. Not this time."


"Whoa, holy shite dude, did you write that? That is so poetic, like I think it might be Edgard Allan Poe it's so poetic. He's a famous poet, if you did't know. It's beautiful. I feel like it should be sung it's so poetic. In a choir. Like Mozart had behind his violins. Hahaha. Wow. I think in really short quick thoughts I just realized that while I was typing. That one was long though. That thought shoulda had a comma. Shit. Did you write that song? *silence, your turn to talk*. *more silence*

Well if that's what you ever wonder why my face looks so pensive and what I could possibly be thinking about... those are usually the kinds of thoughts that go on. Was I talking about pop tarts? I'm hungry. I have to go, bye!"

11/18/08 08:40 pm

Democratization of knowledge, investment, and communication sure is fascinating. As it turns out, outsourcing of American jobs isn't such a bad thing afterall. And maybe our world isn't as fucked as he and she think.

But I'd still much rather go home and practice my new strings. Oh, oh I Wish You Were Here. (And did you turn down a walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?).

Or walk home to the sound of the snowflakes and the silence of my steps. It's like walking through the pages of a photo album, where only the best moments are kept.

Oh, oh I Wish You Were Here.

9/22/08 12:57 am - just a teenage dirtbag.



When in your arms and deep in your gaze

I feel a piece of heaven light up in my heart.

The single thought of you enlightens my smile 

Every waking moment that we're apart


The roses bloom; the sparrows sing song

Whether it brings moonlight, dullness or rays of passion

For the world's flaws don't exist when I'm with you

And beauty shines through all, no need for question


I've always wished to fly; you are my eternal wings

Gliding through the sunrise, the stoning rain can't push me down

Even if you're away from me sailing the seven seas

My strength just grows strong keeping me from ever hitting the ground


The light pouring down from our one special star

Brings solutions and bliss to this young, precious glory

The most love I've ever known is a dream come true

A dream where I never wake; there is no end to our story.





Sweet whispers in the wind

Trickling water around the bend

You're in me and my heart is true

Silent kisses from me to you


The single rose that carried your smile

Brought me happiness for a long-term while

Those silent kisses became true

Then you ran; now my love won't begin anew


Now I long for what I can't have

Your new world broke my heart in half

I caught your eye but it's no longer true

Silent kisses from me to you





Life is an Everest that we all must climb

Pace by pace until the morning shines.

The sun never dims and our spirits can't stop,

The true challenge is being blinded when the clouds roll on top


Clouds full of chaos, confusion, and pain

That laugh and dance to the song of their rain

Rolling above you and following your tracks

Echoing thunder in your head 'til all becomes abstract.


The fool will hide, feeling self-pity on his fate

Waiting on wasted days until it's too late.

For that happiness we crave must be sought on one's own

Through the darkest of valleys one's footprint must be sewn


For life is an Everest that we all must climb

Where determination to the top requires patience and time

But sooner or later in the midst of the grey

One reaches a spot open to the light of day.





The search is failing 

'Cause we're already sailing

Through the gold and crystal seas


My eyes are closed tight

Defeating hte light

Above the top of my favourite tree


I see what you're feeling...

But I wanna go dance!

I hear what your'e seeing...

But I need a fresh chance! To

find a train to no-man's land.

The ticket is hidden in my hand.


New lips aren't laughing

Sensation is lacking

Against the reality of my core.


The today is frozen

Because I've already chosen

A past, present, future, no more.


I see what you're seeing...

Let's go dance!

I hear what you're hearing...

Please give me a chance! To

find a train to no-man's land.

The ticket is right in my hand.

The search is a waste,

Let's fly with no haste.

The ticket is right in my hand.





There was a sly lizard of Peru

Who liked to wear others' old shoes

He tripped on the lace and fell on his face

And then he sipped on green kiwi juice.





I remember the giant backwards bumblebee

I remember skipping rocks in the freezing cold lake

I remember burning the blueberry muffins

I remember the invisible haunted house

I remember dancing in front of the theatre when the leafs won gold

What else could I ask for?


Eyes that sing otherwise
Trust I see it too
From and through thick city air
Burgundy brown, everest blue.

Come find my lake
There's no one 'round to see
No one there to please or hear
Where together you just be.

Run from that cachet
Through my fields of corn
The winter barn stands still in time
To run not hide you were born.

Today is velvet tomorrow is gold
I hear you through my toes
Don't look so far, turn around
To that heartful beat no one knows.


9/17/08 12:36 am - trilliums and forget-me-nots

i am on thought overload at the moment, which i have just calmed by mindlessly painting my nails a deep rouge... just another distraction from endless hours of textbook readings ahead. But despite the fact that I'm already behind in school, my daily fill of life is at least complete. I sent Mum flowers today for her birthday; her favourite thing in the world next to horses, and Dad, and me, and her other kids too i guess. It was her only present of the day... She was ecstatic. No matter how many numbers someone has got under their belt, and how many times they say they don't want any birthday surprises, it's a lie. Or at least denial. Everyone deserves a little magic on their birthday. Especially Mum. I have the best one anyone could ever ask for.

6/30/08 02:31 am

absolutely fucking fabulous, it's the only way to be. sanely.
especially when you're forced to golf with three old men, or are surrounded by clowns.
put on your red shoes and sparkly boa, and bring on mr. beam daa'ling.
who needs a red carpet when you have absolute fabulosity.

6/24/08 02:57 am - June 2, 2008

I vowed to myself that yesterday would be the first day of summer, inside and out. June was always the month when excitement started; when May's relentless, miserable rain turned into blossoming apple trees, and kids' feet got lighter as the end of another school year replaced the bitter winter air. It was the month when the sun rekindled frozen flames, and inspired the absurd excitement of having slumber parties on the dewy, cold lawn. The sense of life I associate with this particular month makes it the perfect time for a resolution. I have never challenged myself to a legitimate New Years resolution. Even the new millennium didn't phase me; the Latvian tradition of melting lead to predict the future was satisfactory for me at the time, and was also an accurate portrayal of the interesting nature of my childhood. However, the lessons I learned during these years were interesting as well. One being that any day can be a new year, or a new month, or simply a new day, if an entire year's promise is too intimidating to begin with. Why wait until the ball drops if you're ready now? So this year, as of June, summer begins. This does not entail roadtrips to the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago (unfortunately), or a heated romance that is conveniently located on my front doorstep. Hollywood expectations like such would really be pushing my luck, as I have come to learn from friends but mostly from my delayed realizations. The only expectations I can be sure to count on are those of myself, and that is my resolution.
I am going to write every day... whether it be a diary entry, a song, a poem, a postcard to a faraway friend, angry rubbish, a haikuuuuu... It's like photography. You have to shoot a hundred shots for the trash can to find one single picture worthy of keeping. I'm no Dickens and certainly no Rowling, I just enjoy writing, for moi. It's just that until this new years, I've experienced writer's block in the forms of "absense of motivation", "lack of time", and "douchebaggery". But what better place than Ahmic to find the words? I'm now glad I'm here.
Yesterday's promise was not entirely fulfilled, as I got distracted by a ridiculous movie with Kevin Bacon straight from the 90's. It madae me wish I still had my purple curduroy overalls. However, I did acknowledge the first day of summer '08 by very bravely jumping into the lake. It's still bloody freezing, and I screamed the whole time, but was surprisingly refreshed once out of the water.
Sveiks, let's see what the next two months have in store...

6/23/08 05:42 pm - Everybody's talkin' about Bagism, Madism, Dragism, Shagism, This-ism, That-ism, ism ism ism.

Is it naive to think that we can change the world? Probably. But it's certainly worth the thought process and the art that comes out of it.  It really is so easy to live concerned only with what's in your wallet or in your bubble, but time wounds all heals when people don't work together. One and one and one is three, Come Together. The Vietnam war separated the country like it hadn't been divided since the Civil War, and so brilliantly, they decided to stay in bed and grow their hair, for peace. All we are saying is give peace a chance. This song became the national anthem of the war movement; these protests weren't the answer, just a glimpse of the possibilities. They were revolutionary artists, not gunmen. They carry love around with them, not bombs. The only solution to pollution is a people's humane revolution.

I'm just surprised there's not more outcry against the war going on as we speak, it's just as unmotivated and pointlessly grotesque as the deaths that caused the revolution of the 60's. What would he say?

Everybody's talking and no one says a word
Everybody's making love and no one really cares
There's Nazis in the bathroom just below the stairs
Always something happening and nothing going on
There's always something cooking and nothing in the pot
They're starving back in China so finish what you got

Nobody told me there'd be days like these
Strange days indeed -- strange days indeed

Everybody's runnin' and no one makes a move
Everyone's a winner and nothing left to lose
There's a little yellow idol to the north of Katmandu
Everybody's flying and no one leaves the ground
Everybody's crying and no one makes a sound
There's a place for us in the movies you just gotta lay around

Nobody told me there'd be days like these
Strange days indeed.

Everybody's smoking and no one's getting high
Everybody's flying and never touch the sky
There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised

Nobody told me there'd be days like these
Strange days indeed.

"They say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
-John Lennon.

6/21/08 03:32 am - nifty

Hey, somebody farted. Let's get outta here.

This is the line i'm planning on picking up the man of my dreams with. British, and hippie, and musician. Or any of the above, really. He could even have plaid pants or  a dorky notbeook obsession, as long as by the end of it, I haven't forgotten what intrigue feels like. Besides, I love cool noteooks and only wish I had plaid pants. Fuck it if someone thinks you're weird, it's because you are, and should be joined by other weirdos who don't turn life into a boring game of Balderdash.

Today, I was a "cleaning lady". I got paid by Ontario's Finest Golf Course, according to Golf Digest, to wash a plate, maybe fluff a pillow, and then sit in an unreasonably posh cottage for three hours until the laundry finished. It gave me time to get courses figured out, for a program I don't enjoy and a dream i don't have, it was lovely. But something about cleaning this empty home gave me some sort of fulfillment for something I don't have, but look forward to. Setting a table for two, perhaps. Or a mid-night picnic of peanut butter and banana sandwiches and Cabernet Sauvignon, and about 239847256 blankets, for a campout on the dock. I think my favourite part was climbing out the screen door onto the rock overlooking Lake Manitouwabing, and imagining all the adventures had at this very place. It's weird, I felt like for a moment I was taken back seventy years, when the lake was real and ripe, and not just an escape pool from city business and bustle. Although I do admit, I enjoy endulging in Starbucks conversations and exciting footwear just as much as stars and rock.

6/18/08 08:45 pm - one and one and one is two

together, people are moved into the fantastical belief that they understand one another. that they can feel eachother's hearts like electromagnetic waves through the air, and can feel the exact same raindrop on each of their noses. together, they can see logic behind unreason, to understand why without being told.
but as soon as the wind takes a turn in a slightly sharper direction, and the yellow string is cut, unreason becomes the logic, and together is like looking through a hollow shadow in the face of the sun, of someone you think you once met. everything you once understood becomes nothing, nothing scattered all over the floor.

together is just another myth to make life interesting, and the only person who can understand your unreason in its rawest form is you. everyone make believes once in a while, sometimes forever. and that's maybe not such a bad thing. i know i do religiously. but really, the wind is everchanging, and to trust it you had better trust yourself first.

6/12/08 11:05 pm - burgundy brown, everest blue.

eyes that sing otherwise
trust i see it too
from and through thick city air
burgundy brown, everest blue.

come find my lake
there's no one 'round to see
no one there to please or hear
where together you just be.

run from that cachet
through my fields of corn
the winter barn stands still in time
to run not hide you were born.

today is velvet tomorrow is gold
i hear you through my toes
don't look so far, turn around
to that heartful beat no one knows.

5/7/08 10:44 pm - a very belated england.

Friday, February 22, 2008

It is 9:00 a.m. But my watch says 4:00 a.m. Even though my head is floating, I don't care! I am in England! So far the trip has been just magical - despite being cramped on a plane for seven hours pretty unable to sleep. I met a really cool lady and her daughter, who actually goes to Western too. See, first world trip on my own and I've already made a friend - I just want to backpack to everywhere. But I just knew this trip would start off well because our pilot's name was Captain Rose AND they showed Across the Universe on the plane. So, all you need is love, London... here i come! xoxo.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

So, pretty much, I want to move to London too. After I see the whole world and live out of a bag for a while, when it's finally time to grow up, I want to be here! Everything is just so epic. I can't even believe I thought it might be like a bigger Toronto. HAHA. NOT so much. Every sidestreet turns into another little city of its own, and there's so much going on all the time you don't even know where to look. We saw... The Eye, Big Ben, and lots of other pretty things. And last night we went out and met some British boys. They fell on their bike and we helped them, and then we walked with them for a while in the totally opposite direction. Anyways, I'll try to update again. K bye.

February 25, 2008

I'm super tired and we're going to watch The Devil Wears Prada right now so I'm just going to list what we did today:
- Natural History Museum where there was a live dinosaur
- Kenzington Gardens and Palace (Princess Diana's summer home) where we met Peter Pan and the bird man
- Regent's Park
- Primrose Hill where we looked for Jude Law
- Camden Town where it was cute and we met a crazy man with gross teeth sticking in all directions.
... Early morning tomorrow for our River Adventure!

Here's the other stuff we've done so far...
- Portabello Market on Saturday morning (crazy!)
- Buckingham Palace
- Big Ben
- Picadilly Circus
- Oxford Street shopping (where Tani ran into Jim Sturgess, what a babe)
- Carnaby St. (the heart of the swinging 60's)
- Covent Garden
- Trafalgar Square
- Harrods at night
- Earl's Court
- I bought a pretty painting a.k.a. my souvenir
- Lester Square

February 28, 2008

I really should have been writing at the end of every British day; there's just too much to always keep you busy! Two days ago was our big touristy day. We walked all along the river and stopped at all the palaces and museums and such. First was the London Tower, then we went to the Tower Bridge. It's absolutely gorgeous and baffling how people built this stuff without today's technology. We also went to the Tate Modern, the Aquarium where we pet cute rays. Then we saw the Phantom of the Opera - "London's Greatest Love Story"! The night time was the best part. Me, Tani, and Daniel walked along the river with giant bottles of Strongbow (because it's legal to be ghetto here), and had to climb up this gross ladder to get out... because the tide was rising. My shoes are totally covered in algae but it's okay because "memories are worth dirty shoes". Then we couldn't find any way to get home and walked for so long that we got hungry... and found a paper bag on the street... with buns in it... and we ate them... GHETTO!

Yesterday was totally a Beatles day. We met this man named Richard and he took us on a Magical Mystery Tour. Man I wish I lived in the 60's! We saw Paul McCartney's offices, the infamous rooftop where they played their last live performance, Carnaby St, the Paladium where Beatlemania was born, Asprey (the jewelry store Ringo went to in Help!), and oh yes... Abbey Road. Tourists at Abbey Road are ridiculous, they jump in front of traffic just to get a damn picture pretending they're the Beatles. We then went to a John Lennon exhibit with all these pretty black and white prints about 500 pounds each. All You Need Is Love!

We just got our hair cut and it went a little sumthin sumthin like this:
"How much for just bangs?"
"Haha, uhh..."
So yuh, British bangs are called fringe.

February 29, 2008

So, if we talk in terms of February 29, it's like 1:30 am. Not that late. But it feels late after a day in London... the real one. Today was sort of unproductive but we still did stuff. We got haircuts. Then we went exploring in Camden Town - I like it there a lot. I got yellow shoes. And it's really cute. And I'm a little drunk right now. More than a little... Well, we went to watch the Tower Bridge rise, which was great, but we bought some beers on the way. Anyways...

Not related to London at all... but it's really just like a memory of nothing - working at Staples looking for printer paper. But harder to forget - I can't forget the kind of printer paper. Makes sense to ME in LONDOn right now... Nevermind... LOOOVE LOOOOVE LOOOOVE.... OKAY John Lennon.

March 4, 2008

I'm sitting at the airport, at a restaurant by myself. Lots of time to ponder. It's funny how it only hits you that you're saying goodbye to someone after you've already said goodbye. And then you start thinking of all your previous goodbyes and wishing you could do it all over again, maybe to say goodbye for a little longer? Or maybe to try to say hello again, instead.

4/16/08 11:49 am - the adventures of ichobod and crane

Today was an amazing day indeed. I woke up with the sun to write an exam, in which I had to write an essay about noses, so my entire day was of use. I did NOT (a) sleep in until 2:30 in the afternoon, (b) spend wasted, mindless hours on facebook, (c) sit and do absolutely nothing while trying to try to do something, or lose my mind in my "moodz" playlist... which all have more or less become a running theme of a typical day. aka lame.

We exchanged presents. About four months late, but Christmas is timeless (haha). I gave you a puzzle of the Love Gun; you said you'd paint it for me. You gave me Oasis' Lord Don't Slow Me Down, and a poloroid camera. I have a feeling I'm going to spend too much money on film. The pictures are just too good, they look so vintage and classic, and for some magical reason nobody is capable of looking bad in a poloroid. No matter how hard you try, you just look like a rockstar.

It's as if the sun picked the perfect day to come out. I wore mocassins and a cardigan; no boots, no jacket; it was beautiful! Walking to downtown American Apparel and Victoria Park never went so quickly. We found the Grand Canyon on the way there, which was labelled with a "Do Not Enter" sign, but on a photo adventure sometimes you just have to break the rules.

The nature walk was my favourite part. We sat by the fake Thames River and proceeded to float. I like the rock cove and rainforest vines of a tree root we found.. I might go back today. This is where we saw the pretty cool mallards... the really fast one, the one that appeared out of thin air like Harry Potter, the lovers, and the one that swam perfectly sideways.

We also made some pretty bitchin' songs on the 4th floor pianos. My treble and your bass melted together like chocolate chips in a banana muffin, and i only wish I had a recording of our epic tune. I now know slightly how the Doors felt, and might appreciate their neverendingly pointless interludes of synth. And I am glad I've got some candy now to last for the beginning of summer. I cannot even wait for summer, with the parents, on the dock, with Luther the guitar, road trips to "the city", bike rides to the rapids, and much needed money. I am counting down to learn the colours of the wind.

And I only gave you a shotglass of my redbull, because it was mine and you got your own.

I'm so motivated for life right now - Merci, ami.

peace and fucking love and chasing squirrels,


p.s. "There's no money in Thailand and the streets are made of chocolate." Oh Fievel the mouse, you are so wise.

4/10/08 02:29 am

"You're bad news; I don't care. I like you."

3/26/08 03:58 am - it's not what i do, just what i'm doing.

So today, you started reading my World Cities assignment that I have to write, since I'm specializing in geography and all... And I asked in sincere wonderment.. "why do you want to read that?" I figured there were more interesting things to do, like watch british teen dramas or all meet up in the year 2000. But you said you wanted to see what it is that I do. It made sense out loud, and I said "oh", but my thoughts were a little different.

What I do? It's not what i DO. it's just what i'm doing while i'm here. And then i'll do what i do when i'm done what i'm doing, whatever that is. Some of it is quite interesting, yes, but you're supposed to have a passion for what you do.. I know I would love love love to do something like manage Blur. Too bad they haven't been a band since the 90's... Realistically, maybe i can't have a passion for geography just yet, as long as it's all on paper and powerpoint presentations. Because I do know I enjoy camping in the dirt and watching Animal Planet. And that I would like to be a photographer for the discovery channel, or work for the UN to stop global warming, or live in the mountains with llamas. So as boring as writing these papers may be, I think I'm on the right track. For now anyways...

Or maybe my soul-searching summer on the dock with pink drinks in hand and just the waves to listen to will help. And i will actually have time to remember how to play piano, and how to read. I'm excited.

Everything gets sorted out somehow, so what are we all on about!?

4:41 am - breakfast time.

3/19/08 10:55 pm

One day it started raining, and it didn't quit for four months. We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin' rain... and big ol' fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.

Some of my best memories are in ponchos.
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